"I am so pleased Neil asked me to record this beautiful score for "The Survivors of the Skeleton Coast" at Capitol Records."

Leslie Ann Jones

- Director of Music Recording and Scoring, Skywalker Sound

“Neil is a great composer, has the resume to prove it, and every time we work together it is a joy.”

Mike Vaccaro

- Studio woodwinds & contractor, Hollywood

“To put it simply, he knows his stuff, from the creative to the technical.

A pleasure to work with, a maestro of his field, someone I hope to work with again. ”

Russ Emanuel

- Director, motion pictures, Hollywood

“...Neil is a talented composer and producer who has proven himself time and time again in Hollywood creating some of the most beautiful and effective music I have ever heard. ”

Steven Saltzman

- Music editor, composer and author, Los Angeles

"One word comes to my mind to describe his skills as a composer....Impressive. I highly recommend Mr. Argo to all those film and tv producers who are looking for the most exciting score for their projects. Neil is one of the most genuine and charming persons I've ever met. "

Joan Pla

- Co-Owner / Producer at Vendetta Entertainment

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