Survivors Of The Skeleton Coast

Nicolas Noxon, Barry Nye, Des & Jen Bartlett

This film, while being a National Geographic Special, was co-produced and co-directed by and with Des and Jen Bartlett, an internationally recognized and awarded husband and wife team from both London and Namibia in Southwest Africa,  Geographic execs wanted a small orchestra for the thematic part and electronic samples for all other score. Des and Jen went on to shoot a 5-part mini series, “Skeleton Coast Safari” later asking me to continue working with them on two additional films two years later.

Perfect Red

David Covarrubias, Director

A horror genre short film directed by David Covarrubias, written and produced by Russ Emanuel. At Hollywood HD Film Festival, it won Best Horror/Thriller short, Best Score and a Bronze Medal for Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival.  Morrigan, tries coping with a life, now very different from the one she lived. Searching for the warm colors that no longer grace her canvas, three men watch from the dark streets below, harboring bitter hatred and vengeance. A brutal attack ensues, one that will put Morrigan in touch with her past.

Eduardo And Ted

Brittany Meyerhardt, Director

A creative film production team at the Scottsdale Film School (short). Principal instructor overseeing the production, Terry Donnelly, (first AD on Midnight Cowboy, The French Connection and The Exorcist) at the film school, asked me if I would score the film and of course I said yes after I looked at it and met the film makers. A light, fun romantic comedy, well written and directed by Brittany Meyerhardt. I brought in guitarist, Bill Mojo.  The score, with Latin flavoring as Eduardo, in the film, was Ted, a customer account rep.

Chasing The Green

Russ Emanuel, Director

This score was written by two composers me and Jason Livesay. Jason did a large amount and the director, Russ Emanuel, brought me in to tidy up some loose ends, since we had worked together before.  A true story about two brothers in their 20's become millionaires, and almost lose everything to an over-zealous bureaucrat. With William Devane, Jeremy London, Ryan Hurst and Robert Picardo.  Again, sampling libraries afforded composers today, is so realistic - a live group of musicians was not indicated by the director.

Chavez Cage Of Glory

Hector Echavarria, Director

An action picture, present day, about a cage fighter who never got a break that might lead to big money, until now.  Steven Bauer, Danny Trejo and John Russo with Hector Echavarria. I received a call from Mr. Echavarria asking me to score the film. I agreed to do the underscore.  I had little input from him. Most directors are very specific about where and when they want to hear music in their film.  In this score I was taking input from the editor which was odd.

Legends of Nethiah

Russ Emanuel, Director

A motion picture starring Theresa Russell, Robert Picardo, John Heard and Jared Young in a present day story about a boy whose parents are going through a divorce. The grandfather of the boy (Picardo) relates fantasy-world stories to his grandson about another boy who survives hardships too. While we did use two live musicians, this was primarily a sampled score. Budget and time are always factors. Composers must create the score, instrumentation, do all editing, recording and producing to the final project end. Can be, very exhaustive.


Russ Emanuel, Director

This score, with 27 musicians, recorded at Citrus studios, is 44 minutes in length with thirty-four separate cues and recorded in just under the length of double session  (six hours).  The story present day, shot in New York. A doctor (Heard) tries to solve the mystery of a man with no name, multiple personalities and burns on his hands. Who is he and what happened to him? John Heard, Vincent Pastore, Robert Picardo, among other cast. Producer Howard Nash liked the theme I wrote for the opening and so asked me to do a longer version for the end title credits. The task was tricky of course, it was two days after the session but we did it.

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